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What is the difference between graphite recarburizer and coal recarburizer?

Date: 01-10-2023
The quality of different recarburizers is not the same, for example: graphite recarburizer, coal recarburizer, etc., they have different places in terms of basicity, absorption rate, price, advantages and disadvantages, etc., although the differences Not very big, but if the application is not good, it will also affect their carburizing effect.

The difference between carburizers:

1. The raw materials of the two carburizers are different: the graphite carburizer is made of artificial graphite that has been graphitized at a high temperature of 2830 degrees, and the coal-based carburizer is made of anthracite.

2. The fundamentals of the two carburizers are different: graphite carburizers have the advantages of low sulfur, low nitrogen, low phosphorus, high temperature resistance, and good electrical conductivity. Coal carburizers do not have the above advantages, which is why coal quality The carburizing agent cannot achieve the desired carburizing effect.

3. The absorption rate of the recarburizer is different: the absorption rate of the graphite recarburizer is above 90%, and the absorption rate of the coal is basically about 70%. This is why the graphite recarburizer with a lower fixed carbon content can also satisfy the use the reason for the request;

4. The price of recarburizer is also different: the price of graphite recarburizer is slightly higher than that of coal recarburizer, but the comprehensive use cost is much lower.

5. The shape is different: the graphite recarburizer is a shiny cylinder, and the coal is a lumpy particle.

6. Graphite recarburizer is suitable for ductile iron with strict sulfur requirements, with high fixed carbon content and good absorption rate. Especially suitable for intermediate frequency furnaces from half ton to 12 tons.

7. Products made using coal-based carburizers are not only not as strong as graphite carburizers, but also contain a lot of sulfur, so good products cannot be made.

8. The melting point of the graphite recarburizer on the steelmaking is lower, and the temperature of steelmaking is higher, so the burning loss of the graphite recarburizer is severe, but the absorption rate is not high. Coal-based carburant has a high melting point. Although the absorption rate is low, it does not burn out. The product is no worse than graphite, and the price gap is very large. Steel plants usually use a lot of it. Considering the cost, it is unacceptable.

It can be seen from the above points that although there are great differences among different carburizers, they all have their own advantages. No matter which one you choose, as long as you use it well, it is a better product for carburizers.

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