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Advantages of cored wire

Date: 12-07-2022
The cored wire has the functions of deoxidation and desulfurization, and is widely used in steelmaking and casting industries by manufacturers. The cored wire is a ferroalloy product made by the manufacturer by grinding the alloy material into powder, mixing it, and coating it with steel strip. It is mainly used as a deoxidizer and desulfurizer in the steelmaking process.

The cored wire can be more convenient to put the metallurgical materials into the molten steel during the steelmaking process of the manufacturer. Its use method is to vertically insert the cored wire into the molten iron or steel through the wire feeder of the manufacturer. The metallurgical materials such as the cored wire will be fully melted at the ideal depth and produce chemical reaction, effectively avoiding the reaction of the added elements with air and slag, and improving the absorption rate of the manufacturer's metallurgical materials. The cored wire also has the function of refining precision casting to change inclusions, alloying and purify molten steel, which plays a significant role in improving the quality of cast iron and cast steel, reducing the cost of casting and steelmaking, and improving the economic benefits of cast iron and cast steel.

Advantages of cored wire:

Advantage 1: Silicon aluminum barium cored wire can effectively reduce the addition of precious elements and reduce the refining cost of metallurgical material manufacturers.

Advantage 2: The manufacturer can quickly input the silicon aluminum barium cored wire into the molten steel with the help of the wire feeder, dissolve in the deep steel, reduce the nozzle blockage, and play the role of deoxidation, desulfurization and inclusion removal

Advantage 3: The manufacturer can fine tune the composition of silicon aluminum barium cored wire, which can improve the yield of metal and rare earth elements and ensure the stability of the composition.

Advantages 4. After the manufacturer can add silicon aluminum barium cored wire in the steelmaking process, it can avoid the formation of long strip sulfide inclusions, thus improving the anisotropy of steel

These are the advantages of cored wire, which can improve the anisotropy of steel in steelmaking and casting

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