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What is ferrosilicon 75?

Date: 05-21-2021
 Ferrosilicon is an important raw material in metallurgical cast iron, and the specifications are more common, ferrosilicon 72, ferrosilicon 75, ferrosilicon 65, ferrosilicon 45, etc., today to introduce the most commonly used ferrosilicon 75.

Ferrosilicon 75 is a type of ferrosilicon. The classification of ferrosilicon is divided into 21 grades according to the content of silicon and its impurities.The main raw material of smelting ferrosilicon is silica ore (quartz, silica), the SiO2 in the ore is generally higher than 96%, ferrosilicon 75 is a common grade of ferrosilicon.

Ferrosilicon 75 is coke, steel chips, quartz (or silica) as raw materials, made of electric furnace smelting.In traditional smelting of ferrosilicon, silicon is reduced from silica containing SiO2.Smelting ferrosilicon mostly use metallurgical coke as reducing agent, steel is the regulator of ferrosilicon.Its main use is ferosilicate 75 is an excellent deoxidizer, used for precipitation deoxidization and diffusion deoxidization in steelmaking, can effectively improve the strength of steel hardness and elasticity, improve the magnetic permeability of steel, reduce the hysteresis loss of transformer steel.

Need to pay special attention to is that ferrosilicon contains a small amount of phosphorus in the metal compound, in transportation and storage if dampness can release phosphine, resulting in poisoning of people, serious death.The above is a brief introduction to ferrosilicon 75, if you have any needs, please contact us, sincerely look forward to your presence and cooperation.

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