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What are the characteristics of graphite carburizer?

Date: 2021-01-04 15:40:48
    Graphite carburizer refers to carbon products through high temperature or other ways to change its molecular structure, a regular arrangement, such a molecular arrangement, carbon molecular spacing is wider, more conducive to decomposition in liquid iron or steel nucleation.The graphite carburizer on the market now generally comes from two ways, one is graphite electrode waste cutting, and the other is the graphitization product of petroleum coke of 3000 degree.Its main characteristics are :
(1) soft material, low sulfur, low phosphorus, no smell.

(2) High absorptivity, excellent lubrication and fluidity, suitable for carbonization of thin casting steel, easy to melt (furnace temperature up to 1350 degrees above), the general absorptivity is around 70%.

(3)Easy to use, input can be, and not flying, in line with the requirements of the environmental protection department.

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