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What are the characteristics of ferrosilicon production method

Date: 2019-06-04 14:47:18
 Ferrosilicon is usually produced in submerged arc furnace by continuous operation.

The so-called continuous operation method is that the burden level decreases correspondingly with the continuous reaction and melting of the burden after high temperature, and at the same time, the burden in the furnace keeps full by continuously adding new burden. According to the amount of alloy deposited in the furnace, it is discharged regularly. During the whole smelting process, the electrodes are inserted deeper into the burden without exposing the arc, so the heat loss is less and the furnace temperature is higher.

Because of these characteristics of ferrosilicon smelting, the whole smelting process is not divided into stages. This method is called continuous operation method.

In addition, ferrosilicon is also smelted by blast furnace. However, because of its low furnace temperature, the silicon content of the product is about 10-20%. Nowadays, the blast furnace process is generally not used to smelt ferrosilicon.
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