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Silicon Calcium Manganese

Silicon calcium manganese has strong deoxidation, desulfurization and removal of inclusions, low melting point, fast melting speed and good fluidity, which can effectively shorten the refining time and reduce the refining power consumption. In addition, t
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Product Description
 I. Product introduction

Silicon calcium manganese is a composite alloy composed of elements silicon, calcium and manganese, and is an ideal composite deoxidizer and desulfurizer. It is widely used in the production of ordinary steel, low carbon steel, stainless steel and other steel grades and special alloys such as nickel-based alloys and titanium-based alloys. Nodules at the nozzle can effectively improve the quality and machinability of the steel, effectively improve the performance of the steel, and improve the plasticity, impact and fluidity of the steel. It is also suitable as a warming agent for converter steel refining workshops; it can also be used as an inoculant for cast iron and an additive in the production of ductile iron.

 II. Specifications

















Silicon calcium manganese is used for all steel grades of ordinary steel, low carbon steel, wire drawing steel and stainless steel

Product advantages:
 IV.Product advantages:

The main functions of silicon calcium manganese are deoxidizers, warming agents and inoculants, etc. It is used for deoxidation and warming in the steelmaking industry. Silicon and calcium in silicon calcium manganese composite deoxidation have a great affinity for oxygen. Calcium has a high affinity for sulfur It is also very large, and the deoxidation and desulfurization products are easy to float and remove, which improves the performance of the steel, and improves the toughness and impact of the steel. Manganese can increase the manganese content in the molten steel and reduce the amount of silicon-manganese alloy. Therefore, silicon calcium manganese composite deoxidizer is an ideal composite deoxidizer with both deoxidation and manganese enhancement in the steelmaking industry. Deoxidation of molten steel is an important part of steelmaking production. Conventional AL-containing deoxidizers include metal aluminum, silicon-aluminum-iron, silicon-aluminum-barium, etc., and their prices are generally high. When AL deoxidizer is used for deoxidation, the deoxidized product generally contains AL2O3 In order to overcome the shortcomings of AL deoxidation and reduce the cost of deoxidizers, silicon calcium manganese composite deoxidizers can be used in smelting processes such as electric furnaces—LF furnaces and converters.

When smelting high-quality steel, silicon-calcium-manganese is very beneficial to improve the quality of steel; when smelting ordinary steel, the use of synthetic deoxidizer can also improve the cleanliness of the steel and reduce the cost of deoxidation and desulfurization. Steel mills, Maanshan Iron and Steel and other steel mills are regarded as ideal deoxidation and desulfurization alternative products for perennial use. Recently, they have been used by steel mills in Changzhou and have obvious effects of reducing deoxidation, desulfurization and cost. Silicon calcium manganese has good deoxidation and desulfurization effect, which can meet the final deoxidation and desulfurization requirements of ordinary steel, low carbon steel and stainless steel.

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