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Development prospect of electrolytic manganese

Date: 03-19-2021

Electrolytic manganese is an important raw material in the field of metallurgical casting, widely used in the metallurgical steelmaking industry. With the development of economy, the development of electrolytic manganese has received widespread attention. Today, we will introduce the development prospect of electrolytic manganese.

In steel production, especially suitable for electrolytic manganese smelting alloying element contains more than 10% of the total stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, precision steel, high-temperature steel, corrosion-resistant steel "high, refined," such as alloy steel and clean steel smelting low impurity, low harmful elements (∑ P, S, O, N, H, 100 PPM or less), pure steel (∑ P, S, O, N, H, 200 PPM or less), such as steel.According to China's stainless steel, high alloy steel and high quality steel and other special steel production and consumption level of electrolytic manganese, in 2004, China's stainless steel and other excellent special steel consumption of electrolytic manganese about 160,000 tons;The chromium manganese series stainless steel consumption of about 80,000 tons, chromium manganese stainless steel smelting in excess, abnormal consumption of 20,000 to 30,000 tons;Cr-Ni series stainless steel, chromium series stainless steel, heat resistant stainless steel, precision alloy steel, high temperature alloy steel, corrosion resistant alloy steel and other excellent special steel and other steel consumption of about 50,000 tons.


According to our country national economy and macro iron and steel industry development trend, in 2005, and even the future for a period of time such as stainless steel special steel industry is in the midst of the rise time, the domestic stainless steel industry, production capacity, output and market demand is high speed development, the high-end products such as stainless steel alloy structual smelting demand for electrolytic manganese, overall still remain strong.At the same time, with the iron and steel enterprises to further increase the structural adjustment and optimization of steel varieties, China's future stainless steel, special steel and other high value-added, high technical content of high-quality steel production will have a large increase, no doubt electrolytic manganese in high quality steel smelting consumption will also have a relatively large incremental space.


To grasp the development of the electrolytic manganese industry, the downstream manufacturers are naturally closely related.In addition to 200 stainless steel, electrolytic manganese is also used in the production of special and excellent steel, which can also be used in manganese ingots or cheaper high carbon ferromanganese.Global annual special steel production to use 70,000-80,000 tons of electrolytic manganese, manganese aluminum alloy with about 10,000 to 20,000 tons of manganese, Mn3O4 and other magnetic materials with about 50,000-60,000 tons of manganese, the global total demand is about 450-500,000 tons, domestic demand is about 150-200,000 tons.

With the development of economic construction, the demand for electrolytic manganese is also expanding, and has attracted a large number of manufacturers continue to expand the scale of investment in the production of electrolytic manganese, Henan star production of electrolytic manganese specifications complete, price stability, has been unanimously recognized by the majority of customers, welcome to buy!

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