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The influence of ferrosilicon on steelmaking

Date: 05-10-2021
    Silicon is the raw material for smelting ferrosilicon. The ferrosilicon supplier thinks that high ferrosilicon is generally used for rolling, and ferrosilicon powder is used for diffusion deoxidation in the process of electric furnace steelmaking.Whether the particle size of ferrosilicon powder is too fine or too coarse, it will affect the synthesis of ferrosilicon nitride.The particle size of ferrosilicon powder has great influence on the quality of ferrosilicon nitride.The influence of the size of ferrosilicon powder on the synthesis of ferrosilicon nitride was studied.But what kind of silicon is suitable for smelting iron silicon?What is the effect of ferrosilicon on steel during smelting?

    In order to reduce slag content, reduce power consumption and increase output, the silicon content is required to be above 97%.The pink lines on the surface of silica are in the presence of alumina.In silicon dioxide, alumina is a kind of harmful impurity, its melting point is around 2050℃, when slag contains high alumina, it will cause slag discharge difficulty.At the same time, silica contains a large number of alumina, easy to reduce aluminum into ferrosilicon, increase the content of aluminum in ferro silicon, affecting the quality of ferrosilicon.As a result, no more than 1% of alumina is needed in silica.The initial particle size of ferrosilicon powder is too fine, which leads to the initial reaction is too violent, and the sample is overburned, leading to incomplete nitriding.But the nitriding effect is better than the coarse ferrosilicon powder.The nitriding effect can be achieved by appropriately extending the holding time for the coarse ferrosilicon powder.But with the extension of holding time, the nitriding effect of fine ferrosilicon powder is not as obvious as that of coarse ferrosilicon powder.

    Due to the appearance of sulfur (S) and silicon (Si) in the smelting process to form silicon sulfide, such as SiS, SiS2 and other compounds, the demand for phosphorus pentoxide does not exceed 0.02%.The sulfur content of silicon, these compounds are volatile at high temperatures, so you don't need the sulfur content of silicon.The high content of calcium oxide (calcium oxide) and magnesium oxide (magnesium oxide) in silicon dioxide increases the amount of slag and corrodes the iron mouth during smelting, which requires the content of calcium oxide and magnesium oxide in silicon dioxide to be less than 1%.The above content is the ferrosilicon manufacturers for you to introduce suitable smelting ferrosilicon requirements, also according to the choice of ferrosilicon furnace to decide.

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