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FerroSilicon powder manufacturer -- Henan Star

Date: 11-30-2020
        China Henan star Metallurgy Group is a professional production of 75 ferrosilicon powder manufacturers, our company has professional mature technical support, to provide customers with high quality 75 ferrosilicon powder.

Ferro-silicon powder is an alloy of iron and silicon, which is then ground into a powder, used as a deoxidizer in steelmaking and iron-making.The characteristics of ferrosilicon powder, used as inoculant and spheroidizing agent in the cast iron industry, is an important inoculant (helps to precipitate out graphite) and spheroidizing agent in the production of nodular cast iron, and is used as reducing agent in the production of ferroalloy.75# ferrosilicon is often used in the high temperature smelting process of metal magnesium in The Pijiang process. The magnesium in CaO.MgO is replaced. Every ton of metal magnesium consumes about 1.2 tons of ferrosilicon, which plays a great role in the production of metal magnesium.Among these USES, the steelmaking industry, the casting industry and the ferroalloy industry are the largest users of ferrosilicon.Together, they consume more than 90 percent of ferrosilicon.Of the various grades of ferrosilicon, the most widely used is 75% ferrosilicon.In the steelmaking industry, about 3-5kg75% of ferrosilicon is consumed for every 1t of steel produced.

With the fierce market competition, our company stands out in the same industry competition at the same time, still can guarantee the high quality of ferrosilicon powder, and provide efficient transportation and logistics, excellent service, won the trust and favor of the majority of customers.Consult the company's home page:

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