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What is metallurgical grade silicon

Date: 05-05-2023
According to the classification of purity, polysilicon can be divided into metallurgical grade polysilicon (industrial silicon), solar grade polysilicon and electronic grade polysilicon.

Smelting grade metal silicon: (also called industrial silicon) is a kind of industrial silicon extracted from quartz stone (silicon dioxide), which can be widely used in electronics, optical fiber, solar energy products, construction, medical treatment, chemical industry, machinery and metallurgy, rubber As well as industrial and civil applications such as insulating materials and high-temperature coatings. It can be said that silicon is an indispensable raw material for solar energy products, an energy substitute after coal and petroleum.

Industrial silicon, also known as metalloid silicon, is a commodity name that appeared in the mid-1960s. Silicon metal is a product smelted from silica and carbonaceous reducing agents in a submerged arc furnace. The content of silicon as the main component is about 98% (in recent years, 99.99% of Si content is also listed in metal silicon), and the remaining impurities For iron, aluminum, calcium and so on. It is divided into various specifications because of its different uses. According to the content of iron, aluminum and calcium in metalloid silicon, metalloid silicon can be divided into 553, 441, 411, 421, 3303, 3305, 2202, 2502, 1501, 1101, etc. different grades. The additional products of metalloid silicon include micro-silica fume, edge silicon, black skin silicon, metal silicon slag, etc. Among them, micro-silica fume is also called silica fume, which is widely used in refractory materials and concrete industries.

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