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Why are silicon-carbon alloy blocks favored by smelters?

Date: 03-07-2023
The reason why silicon-carbon alloy is called silicon-carbon alloy is because its main elements are silicon and carbon. Carbon plays a very important role in the performance of cast iron, avoiding cast iron defects, and reducing waste. The size of carbon also affects the flow of cast iron. Very large, if you want to improve the fluidity of cast iron, you can add a lot of carbon. In addition, Si is an element that strongly promotes the crystallization of iron-carbon in a stable system, and promotes the precipitation of high-carbon phases in the primary crystal, eutectic and eutectoid transformations in the form of graphite. Si also changes the temperature and composition of each phase transformation critical point in the iron-carbon alloy, and makes the crystallization process of the alloy have some more important characteristics different from the iron-carbon binary alloy.

Silicon-carbon alloy can be used as a deoxidizer in steelmaking, especially when refining ordinary carbon steel, silicon-carbon alloy is a necessity. In the smelting of ordinary carbon steel in the converter, silicon-manganese, ferrosilicon, silicon-aluminum-barium-calcium, and silicon-carbon alloys, silicon-manganese, and ferrosilicon need to be added. The cost is high. In order to reduce costs, it is a good choice to add silicon-carbon alloys with high cost performance. .

After the silicon-carbon alloy is added into the molten steel, the diffusion effect is very good, and the deoxidation speed is very fast. The reason is that silicon has a high activity. When it is added into the molten steel, it can react and release a large amount of heat, and the deoxidation time is short. Efficiency is also high.

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