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Steel recruits clear, silicon manganese gradually maintains stable operation

Date: 10-13-2022

After the National Day, with the rise of raw material coke and ore, coupled with the increase in transportation costs affected by the epidemic, factories have a strong willingness to increase their quotations. From the actual transaction point of view, the transaction price before and after the National Day has an increase of about 100 yuan / ton. However, after the recent adjustment of the futures disk and the limited increase in the October steel recruitment, the recent silicomangganese continued to chase the rising sentiment weakened.

Today, silico-manganese 6517 maintains the overall stable operation. The price of northern 6517 is 7200-7300 yuan / ton, the center of gravity is adjusted from 7250-7300 yuan / ton to 7200-7250 yuan / ton, and the southern 6517 is still concentrated in the 7300-7350 yuan / ton range. In terms of transactions, most of the transactions are still concentrated in the 7200-7250 yuan / ton range, and the gap between the north and the south is not large.

For the market outlook, market confidence is general. Most of the views believe that in the short term, the impact of factors such as raw materials and the epidemic situation is limited, and the rebound of silicon manganese is also within a small range.

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