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Silicon calcium cored wire

Date: 07-27-2022

1. Silicon calcium cored wire (silicon calcium alloy cored wire)

It is suitable for deoxidation and desulfurization in steelmaking, which can improve the performance of steel, improve the plasticity, impact toughness and fluidity of molten steel.

With the development of the steel refining industry, the high-quality alloy steel and the variety of steel have increased substantially, the continuous casting ratio has gradually increased, and the continuous improvement of the off-furnace refining technology has contributed to the successful development of the wire feeding technology. The use of wire feeding technology has greater advantages than powder spraying and direct addition of alloy ingots.

Our factory "Alloy Core Wire" technical standard processing and production, and can prepare powders of different alloys according to the needs of users. The cored wire produced by Hengxing Metallurgy is strictly in accordance with YB/T

2. Core wire technology

Core-spun technology is an out-of-furnace refining method that has emerged in recent years, and is widely used in wire feeding technology for modern steel refining. The alloy cored wire used in steel refining can purify molten steel, change the shape of inclusions, improve the castability and mechanical properties of molten steel, and can significantly improve the yield of ferroalloy and reduce the cost of steel refining, and its economic effect is remarkable. Wire feeding technology is a national 8th Five-Year technology promotion project. It is widely used as deoxidizer and desulfurizer to change the shape of inclusions in steel and improve the quality.

The silicon-calcium alloy cored wire products produced by Hengxing Metallurgy meet the national and industry standards. With the ability to produce multiple specifications and varieties, it can meet various technical requirements of users. At present, it has passed the industrial test in many iron and steel enterprises across the country, and has the advantages of uniform powder feeding, regular geometric size and low wire breakage rate.


With the development of the steelmaking industry, high-quality alloy steels and varieties of steel have increased substantially, the continuous casting ratio has increased, and the refining technology outside the furnace has been continuously improved. sex.

The use of wire feeding technology has the following advantages:

a. The composition of molten steel can be fine-tuned and controlled by the wire feeding method, and the alloy yield is greatly improved.​​

b. The molten steel is treated by the wire feeding method, the molten steel reflects smoothly, avoids secondary oxidation, the inclusions float up quickly, and the purification is uniform.​​

c. The wire feeding method can avoid bringing gas into the molten steel.​​

d. The wire feeding method has strong suitability, less one-time investment, small occupation area and wide application range.​​

e. The wire feeding method has simple equipment, simple operation and no environmental pollution.

Product features and advantages:

It is beneficial to adjust and control the content of easily oxidizable elements and trace elements, and can greatly improve the yield of alloys;

Reduce smelting cost, shorten smelting time, and precisely control composition;

Improve the quality of molten steel and improve the casting state;

The high-quality cold-rolled steel strip is coated with ferroalloy powder.

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