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Advantages of high carbon silicon in steelmaking

Date: 06-07-2022
High carbon ferrosilicon is also called silicon carbon alloy. Its main elements are silicon and carbon. The common indicators of silicon and carbon are 3515, 4515, 5515 and 6515. It can be seen that its carbon content is relatively high, so it is also high in carbon content. High carbon ferrosilicon is often used in steelmaking furnaces.

High-carbon silicon is a new type of strong composite deoxidizer. It can also be used in the smelting of general steel and plain carbon steel. Its main elements are silicon and carbon. The activity of silicon is high, the reaction is fast, and the furnace temperature can be increased. Therefore, high-carbon silicon can replace the traditional heating agent with higher price when steelmaking in converter and open hearth furnace.

High carbon ferrosilicon is a commonly used deoxidizer and has the following advantages: carbon and silicon are important elements that determine the function of steel. It can also be dissolved in molten steel to increase silicon and carbon. Adding a certain amount of silicon to steel can significantly improve the strength, hardness and elasticity of steel. Have the effect of killing two birds with one stone. Deoxidation is required in steelmaking, and the chemical affinity between silicon and oxygen is very large, so ferrosilicon is a strong deoxidizer in steelmaking for precipitation and diffusion deoxidation.

Silicon-carbon alloys are cost-effective, mainly because silicon-carbon alloys can be used instead of ferrosilicon. Silicon-carbon alloys are rich in silicon. Compared with ferrosilicon, silicon-carbon alloys have almost the same silicon content, but their ferrous alloys are expensive. However, it is much lower. Therefore, under the current situation of soaring ferrosilicon prices, many manufacturers have begun to purchase silicon carbon alloys as smelting materials, which can be used for deoxidation in the production of ordinary carbon steel to improve the purity and quality of molten steel. Iron is cheap, so in comparison, silicon carbon alloys can better reduce the smelting cost and effectively improve the efficiency of manufacturers. Therefore, silicon carbon alloys are very popular with domestic manufacturers. Now more and more manufacturers are using silicon carbon alloys as smelting materials, which are cost-effective. Favored by manufacturers!

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