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New type silicon calcium manganese composite deoxidizer

Date: 05-06-2022
 1. Product introduction
The main function of the composite deoxidizer is deoxidizer, warming agent and inoculant, etc. It is used for deoxidation and warming in the steelmaking industry. Silicon and calcium in the silicon-calcium-manganese composite deoxidation have a great affinity for oxygen. Calcium also has a great affinity for sulfur, and the deoxidation and desulfurization products are easy to float and remove, which improves the performance of the steel, improves the toughness and impact of the steel. Manganese can increase the manganese content in the molten steel and reduce the amount of silicon-manganese alloy. . Therefore, silicon calcium manganese composite deoxidizer is an ideal composite deoxidizer with both deoxidation and manganese enhancement in the steelmaking industry. Deoxidation of molten steel is an important part of steelmaking production. Conventional AL-containing deoxidizers include metal aluminum, silicon-aluminum-iron, silicon-aluminum-barium, etc., and their prices are generally high. When AL deoxidizer is used for deoxidation, the deoxidized product generally contains AL2O3 The inclusions are harmful to the quality of steel, and it is also easy to cause nodules at the water outlet. In order to overcome the shortcomings of AL deoxidation and reduce the cost of deoxidizers, our factory has successfully developed a silicon calcium manganese composite deoxidizer. The synthetic deoxidizer can be used in electric furnace- --Smelting processes such as LF furnace and converter. When smelting high-quality steel, it is very beneficial to improve the quality of the steel. When smelting ordinary steel, the use of synthetic deoxidizer can also improve the cleanliness of the steel and reduce the cost of deoxidation and desulfurization. It is regarded as an ideal deoxidation and desulfurization substitute product for perennial use by steel mills such as steel mills and Maanshan Iron and Steel. (All kinds of deoxidizers can also be made as required)

2. The percentage content of elements Si Ca Mn S P C contained in the chemical composition of silicon calcium manganese products ≥ 13 ≥ 10 ≥ 18 ≤ 0.4 ≤ 0.25 ≤ 0.1

3. Performance 1. The deoxidizer has good deoxidation and desulfurization effects, which can meet the requirements of ordinary steel, The final deoxidation and desulfurization requirements of low carbon steel and stainless steel. For example: if 1.2 kg of aluminum is added to a ton of molten steel, a highly pure molten steel can be obtained. Then: ○1. For ordinary carbon steel, it is used in converter smelting and deoxidizing alloying, and the deoxidizer of 1.2-1.5Kg/ton steel is added to the ladle. The deoxidation can be removed from 220ppm to within 70ppm. Replaces silicon aluminum barium (silicon aluminum barium calcium). ○2. For low-alloy steel such as 16Mn and 20Mnsi, add the deoxidizer of 1.0-2.5Kg/ton of steel to the ladle before tapping. For electric furnace and converter, add the deoxidizer 1-2.5Kg/ton of steel per ton of molten steel . 2. It has a good effect of purifying molten steel, and has a good purification effect for general steel grades. The purification effect of aluminum, rare earth deoxidizer, titanium, vanadium and other alloying agents is more significant. 3. Improve the fluidity of steel slag and prevent nodules at the junction nozzle. 4. After the slag is formed, the melting point of the slag is low, the viscosity is moderate, the protective effect on the film is obvious, and the surface quality of the steel ingot is improved. The smoke and dust are small, which can effectively improve the environment.

4. Analysis of Economic Benefit: When Zhongzhong Iron is used in a 180-ton converter, when smelting Q235B steel, 1.2--1.5kg of new silicon-calcium-manganese alloy deoxidizer is used per ton of steel, and the amount added to each furnace is 220--270kg. The adding method is as follows: Before adding the alloy in the tapping process, put the new silicon-calcium-manganese alloy deoxidizer into the ladle. When using this silicon-calcium-manganese deoxidizer, the reduction of silicon-manganese alloy 0.3kg/ton steel, ferrosilicon 0.2kg, silicon-aluminum-barium-calcium composite Deoxidizer 0.8kg.

5. Precautions 1 Use the site, the warehouse must be well ventilated. 2. The molten steel in the ladle tumbling within 30 seconds of tapping is the result of the calcium-oxygen reaction and part of the carbon-oxygen reaction, which is a normal phenomenon. 2 sets of cored wire equipment. Its main products include foam slag inhibitor series, various steel-making deoxidizer series, recarburizer series, ferroalloy series, cored wire series, silicon carbide series and inoculant series. Favored by the majority of customers. The company has strong technical force, advanced detection methods, and strictly follows the production.
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