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Different types of composite deoxidizers

Date: 04-15-2022
Composite deoxidizers play a very important role in metallurgical engineering and have the functions of deoxidation and temperature increase. In the daily production process of steelmaking industry, the use of deoxidizers is an indispensable step. In our many types of ferroalloys Most of the ferroalloys can be used as deoxidizers to be added to our steelmaking industry. Among them, alloys composed of silicon, aluminum, calcium, and manganese are commonly used deoxidizers. Let's introduce them below. , the working principle and effect of these ferroalloys as deoxidizers.
Silicon and calcium in the silicon calcium manganese composite deoxidizer have a great affinity for oxygen. Calcium also has a great affinity for sulfur, and deoxidation and desulfurization products are easy to float and remove, which improves the properties of the steel and improves the toughness and impact of the steel. Manganese can increase the manganese content of molten steel and reduce the amount of silicon-manganese alloy. Therefore, silicon calcium manganese composite deoxidizer is an ideal composite deoxidizer with both deoxidation and manganese enhancement in the steelmaking industry. Deoxidation of molten steel is an important part of steelmaking production. The conventional AL-containing deoxidizer is metal aluminum, and its price is generally higher. When deoxidizing with AL deoxidizer, the deoxidation products are generally inclusions containing AL2O3, which are harmful to the quality of steel and easily cause nodules at the water outlet. In order to overcome the shortcomings of AL deoxidation, reduce the cost of deoxidizers. Synthetic deoxidizers can be used in smelting processes such as electric furnaces—LF furnaces and converters. When smelting high-quality steel, this product is very beneficial to improve the quality of steel.
Ferroalloy composite deoxidizers are very suitable for use in the production of steelmaking industry in recent years. When purchasing, you can choose a suitable deoxidizer according to the type of our processing. When smelting ordinary steel, use Synthetic deoxidizer can also improve the cleanliness of steel and reduce the cost of deoxidation and desulfurization.
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