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Silicon Manganese Alloy-A Composite Deoxidizer for Steelmaking

Date: 03-31-2022
 Manganese and silicon are the main alloying elements used in carbon steel. Manganese is one of the most important deoxidizers in the steelmaking process, and almost all steel grades require manganese to deoxidize. Because the oxygen product generated when manganese is used for deoxidation has a low melting point and is easy to float; manganese can also increase the deoxidation effect of strong deoxidizers such as silicon and aluminum. All industrial steel needs to add a small amount of manganese as a desulfurizing agent, so that the steel can be hot rolled, forged and other processes without breaking. Manganese is also the most important alloying element in various steel grades, and 15% is also added to alloy steel. above manganese to increase the structural strength of the steel. Silicon is the most important alloying element after manganese in pig iron and carbon steel. In steel production, silicon is mainly used as a deoxidizer for molten metals, or as an alloying additive to increase strength and improve properties of steel. Silicon is also an effective graphitizing medium, which can convert carbon in cast iron into free graphitic carbon. Silicon can be added to standard gray cast iron and ductile iron up to 4%. And large amounts of manganese and silicon are added to the molten steel in the form of ferroalloys: ferromanganese, silicon manganese, and ferrosilicon.
Silicon-manganese alloy is an alloy composed of manganese, silicon, iron and a small amount of carbon and other elements. Silicon-manganese alloy is a composite deoxidizer commonly used in steelmaking, and it is also a reducing agent for low-carbon ferromanganese and electro-silicon thermal production of metal manganese in production. Silicon-manganese alloys can be smelted by continuous operation in large, medium and small submerged arc furnaces.
Silicon-manganese alloy is an alloy composed of manganese, silicon, iron and a small amount of carbon and other elements. Its consumption occupies the second place in electric furnace ferroalloy products. Silicon and manganese in silicon-manganese alloys have a strong affinity with oxygen. When silicon-manganese alloys are used in steelmaking, the resulting deoxidation products MnSiO3 and MnSiO4 melt at 1270°C and 1327°C respectively, with low melting point, large particles and easy to float. , good deoxidation effect and so on.
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