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What is a spheroidizer?

Date: 2021-01-27 15:10:16

Snoidizing agent mainly refers to the rare earth magnesium silicon alloy, rare earth magnesium ferrosilicate alloy is made of ferrosilicate, calcium, magnesium, rare earth and other alloy by melting configuration, is a good spheroidizing agent, has a strong deoxidation, desulfurization effect, ferrosilicate, rare earth ore, magnesium metal is the main raw materials for the production of rare earth magnesium ferrosilicate alloy.It is a good spheroidizing agent with strong effect of deoxidation and desulfurization.Additives that can promote graphite crystallization into sphericity in ball milling cast iron, general application field: casting cast iron field, in the process of cast iron, added to the molten iron to make graphite spherical precipitation of the additive is called nodullizer, and the nodullizer containing rare earth elements is called rare earth nodullizer,

Effect of nodulizing agent:

(1) spherification: make the flake graphite spherical.

(2) anti-recession, so that spherical graphite to maintain a long time without deformation.

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