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What is ferrosilicon particle inoculant?

Date: 2021-01-12 10:25:43
    Ferrosilicon particle inoculant is made of natural and standard pieces of ferrosilicon through a variety of particle size crushing screening out of small particles.Silicon particles not only can be used in the steel industry is also often used in cast iron industry metallurgical materials, largely because of silicon particles can be cast iron manufacturer instead of inoculant and nodulizing agent, in the iron industry ferrosilicon grain price is far lower than the steel, and is easier to melt, can promote the precipitation of graphite spheroidization is the production of nodular cast iron and the necessary of metallurgical materials.

   Features of ferrosilicon particle inoculant:

   Economically cheap;In the structure, it can reduce the whiteness, improve the uniformity of cross section, promote A-type graphite, increase the number of eutectic groups, and reduce segregation.Enhance strength and toughness in performance.

   The amount of use should be decided according to the actual situation, and the original pig iron and molten iron situation is very important, should be adjusted according to the actual situation.In general, the addition amount of ferrosilicon particles for gray cast iron is 0.2~0.5%;For ductile iron, the amount of ferrosilicon particles is 0.5~1.1%;

For the horizontal continuous casting ductile iron of cast iron, the general addition amount of ferrosilicon particles is 0.8~1.5%.

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